Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Release of liability of uploaded content: the website visitor guarantees to own all contents they upload to the server of UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. and/or to the server of the service provider of UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD., particularly but not exclusively pictures and videos. The website visitors release UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. and its employees from all claims that might be raised by any third parties, particularly but not exclusively the related costs, court and attorney fees.

Data use: all data provided by the website visitor will be accessible to all users of www.uhomestay.com website. The website users will be informed by UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. that the data they provide will be accessible to all users of www.uhomestay.com website. UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. can pass on part or all data provided by the website visitor to other website visitors and/or service providers of UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD.  In addition, UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD.  can use the data provided by the website visitor to deliver information services and company news.

Accuracy and reliability of data: The website visitor guarantees that all data provided to UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. is correct.  Any violation to this rule will lead to the deletion of the website visitor’s account by UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD.

Data protection: all the collected data will only used by UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. for the purposes mentioned in the Terms of Use. Other than this, UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. treats the data confidentially.

Changes to this statement: UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. is at all times entitled to change the way we gather, transmit and process data provided by the website visitor as we may deem necessary. Therefore, this statement may therefore be amended from time to time in order to reflect the latest changes.


Terms of Use:

UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. manages the website www.uhomestay.com and other domains, which lead the user to this website and its subdomains. Website visitors can get the contact information of the host families listed in the website.

By using the website, uhomestay.com website visitors agree to the conditions explained in this section and in the Privacy Policy section. A text box referring to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will appear when completing the services offered by the website and it is mandatory that the website visitor read and agree to these conditions. The website visitor will be legally binded by ticking the check box.

Scope: UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. The website’s purpose is to be used as a community portal where families are able to post their profiles on the website and students are able to contact them through the website by paying an additional fee. UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD.  is not a party included in the agreement between the website visitors and the host families, and has no responsibility or liability to the website visitors in respect of the terms of the contract.

Placement cost: The website visitor is charged a flat fee for the placement service provided by UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. In case of successful placement, the website visitor agrees to pay the accommodation price, plus taxes , directly to the host family according to the terms and conditions of the host family.

Eligibility to contract: Both host families listing in the website and uhomestay.com website visitor must be persons able to legally contract, or persons who act with the consent of their legal guardian / representative.

Homestay booking terms: The booking terms are the terms and conditions of host families. The host family is solely responsible for the correctness of the information in the terms and conditions. The website visitor needs to understand and accept the terms and conditions of the host family prior to booking.

Placement Service: The website visitors chooses the potential host family and fills a form with basic personal information. UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. informs the host family about the website visitor via e-mail. If the host family accepts the websiet visitor, the website visitor receives a confirmation email from UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD on behalf of the host family with a link for placement fee payment. Upon payment confirmation, the website visitor is provided with the contact information of the host family.

Host families and website visitors shall agree on booking terms and conditions.

Liability: UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. facilitates connecting website visitors with host families. UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD. is not liable for the correctness of the information given by the website families or website visitors. In addition, UNIVERSAL UHOMESTAY LTD is not liable if the host family does not fulfill its duties or if the website visitor is not satisfied with the host family for any other reason.