Name wvanhomestay

Family Information

Description We are a family of four, a couple with two young boys. We are very friendly and have been living in Canada for over 20 years.
Languages English
Family Interests Swimming, picnic-ing, reading, biking, hiking, skating, seawall walking, fishing, ski-ing, camping, travelling, watching movies
Family Pets No
Smoking household No
Preferences Female
Firstname 1 Rob
Age 2 38
Firstname 3 S.T.
Age 3 7
Firstname 4 R.T.
Age 4 3

Room Details

Room numberPriceAvailability monthAvailability yearDescriptionsBathroom
31100Decnewly reno, wood floor, one full-size bed, one desk, one chair, one closet, one lamp, one window.shared


No. of meals offered 3
Dietary options offered regular

Approximate Location

Country Canada
Province British Columbia
City West Vancouver
Neighbourhood AbleSide
Closest University / College BCIT downtown & Capilano University