Name RMorewood

Family Information

Description Mother (Philippine), father (British), 23 year-old daughter (just graduated university), two small dogs, a cat, and (usually) two homestay students.
Languages English
Family Interests Cooking - Father European, Mother Asian, daughter desert. Dance - Mother/Father Ballroom, daugher hip hop. Father coaches international math competition students
Family Pets Yes
Smoking household No
Preferences No preference
Firstname 1 Robert
Age 2 61
Firstname 3 Pauline
Age 3 23

Room Details

Room numberPriceAvailability monthAvailability yearDescriptionsBathroom
1800Sep2018Queen bed with bedside table with lamp and alarm clock readio, closet. drawers, desk and chair with study lamp. Next to other bedrooms.shared


No. of meals offered 3
Dietary options offered regular

Approximate Location

Country Canada
Province British Columbia
City Vancouver
Closest University / College Downtown colleges (UBC, SFU, ILSC, etc.)